Video 21 Mar

In a world where art serves capitalism the Famous Grouse, a Whisky brand, asked people what they’d love to be famous for. They took the answers and made this incredible sculpture out of it.

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Cosplayers are regularly mocked of, but Facebook is embracing them in their newest ad. At the end they are stressing the Facebook community feeling with the tagline: Whatever you’re into, somewhere out there is a group for you.

Video 21 Mar

The Chalice Symphony is a collaboration between Stella Artois, musical craftsman Andy Cavatorta and indie rock band Cold War Kids. This year-long journey has been the ultimate exercise in craftsmanship. They’ve made four instruments, composed a song that brings them to life, and filmed a music video to share that song with the world.

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Video 21 Mar

Man against machine. The unbelievably fast KUKA robot faces off against one of the best table tennis players of all time. Who has the best technique? Who will win the first ever table tennis duel of human versus robot? 

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Video 21 Mar

This is the disturbing story of Linda Dotson Wooley, the woman who can´t watch movies. She’s the widow of Sheb Wooley, the voice actor who performed the “Wilhelm scream,” a famous sound effect that has been dubbed into more than 200 movies, including Toy Story, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones. Because she hears her deceased husband’s voice in almost every movie, she just can’t watch television anymore.

Video 26 Jan

Nomad created a series of ramps camouflaged within the city, launching an outdoor campaign where billboards were turned into a powerful statement: Take your city back.

Text 26 Jan The last time

Working in advertising sucks the living life out of you. I remember the last time I actually fell asleep to a great idea I just had rather than worry about that fucking job I have to get out of the door first thing tomorrow. I miss that. I miss the last time I had a brainstorm on an epic Brief till 5 in the morning. I miss the last time I felt the excitement to win a pitch, the urge to make crazy fucking work and dare to present it. I miss the fun of it all. I’m going back to that, I’m going back to brainstorming instead of counting sheep. I’m going back to being the one that excites others, turn shit briefs into portals of creative Nakazaki.

Video 25 Jan

Sometimes people make mistakes, if we aren’t driving too fast we might have an opportunity to slow down and even avoid that mistake. This ad shows us how to avoid the inevitable situation we could put ourselves in while driving fast, it also shows us the risks of driving while dazed or confused. Know that you should always be sharp and knowledgable, aware and calculative. I love this TV spot, I genuinely do. I hope i meet the person who came up with the idea, and the folks that helped him make it happen. I would like to shake that mans hand and in an ideal world maybe even have a brainstorm with him… 

Company: PSA

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Video 25 Jan

Intuit is launching an easy application to fill in your taxes called TurboTax. And in fact, filling in your taxes, is just like summing up everything you did in the last year. This is a pretty smart insight which gives a great creative angle to make a nice commercial like this one. The two shorter versions after the jump are not as good as the first one though.

Company: Intuit

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland

  • Country: USA
Video 25 Jan

Awesome spoof of Schwartz on the Sony Bravia commercials. The depiction of this idea has been beautifully filmed with hessian sacks of exotically-coloured spices blasting in sequence, with the classiness underlined by a well-judged piano score.

Company: Schwartz

Agency: Grey, London 

Country: United Kingdom

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